Comprehensive Guide to Factory Resetting Siemens HMI Panels

Key Takeaways

What is a Factory Reset?Restores Siemens HMI to its original state, as if it just came out of the factory.
When to Reset?Useful for troubleshooting issues, preparing for new configurations, or resolving software glitches.
Tools RequiredProSave, TIA Portal, and backup utilities.
Key StepsBackup data, use ProSave or TIA Portal, follow step-by-step instructions.
Troubleshooting TipsIncludes solutions for common issues such as connection errors or software hang-ups.
Expert ResourcesGuidance from certified Siemens specialists and extensive Siemens support forums.
Useful LinksDetailed HMI guides and tutorials


Siemens Human Machine Interface (HMI) panels are integral to industrial automation systems, providing crucial control and visualization capabilities. Occasionally, you might encounter operational issues or need to repurpose a device for a new application, necessitating a factory reset. This guide, brought to you by ControlNexus, a leader in Siemens automation products since 2013, will cover the essentials of safely and effectively resetting your Siemens HMI.

Understanding Factory Reset

A factory reset returns your Siemens HMI to its original settings, erasing all configurations, applications, and data added after installation. This process is critical if you’re experiencing software issues, preparing the device for a new project, or ensuring that no previous configurations interfere with new setups.

Preparation for Factory Reset

Before proceeding with a factory reset, ensure you have the following:

  • Tools and Software: Access to Siemens ProSave or TIA Portal software.
  • Backup: Always back up your data and configurations. A factory reset will erase all existing settings and data from the HMI.
  • Documentation: Keep Siemens HMI manuals handy for reference.

Necessary Tools

  • ProSave: This tool is used for basic backup, restore, and reset tasks.
  • TIA Portal: For more comprehensive management and advanced reset options.

Step-by-Step Factory Reset Procedures

  1. Using ProSave:
    • Connect your HMI to a PC where ProSave is installed.
    • Open ProSave, select the connected device and choose the “Restore Factory Settings” option.
    • Follow the on-screen prompts to initiate the reset process.
  2. Using TIA Portal:
    • Launch TIA Portal and connect to your HMI device.
    • Navigate to the “Online & diagnostics” section, find the “Reset to factory settings” option, and select it.
    • Confirm the action and monitor the HMI panel for restart confirmation.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Factory resets can sometimes encounter issues such as connection failures or software errors. Here are a few tips to handle common problems:

  • Connection Issues: Check all physical connections for integrity and ensure that the correct drivers are installed.
  • Backup and Restore Problems: Verify the backup file’s integrity and compatibility with the HMI model.
  • Software Glitches: If the reset process freezes, restart the software and attempt the process again.

By following this guide, you can effectively manage the factory reset process for Siemens HMI panels, ensuring that your devices operate smoothly and efficiently. For more detailed resources and support, visit our comprehensive Siemens HMI resource center.

Advanced Reset Options

For more complex scenarios, such as when your Siemens HMI is non-responsive or password protected, advanced reset options are necessary. Here’s how to manage these situations effectively:

  1. USB Recovery Method:
    • Prepare a USB drive formatted in FAT32 and download the necessary firmware files from the Siemens support page.
    • Rename the firmware file according to the specific HMI model and copy it to the root directory of the USB drive.
    • Insert the USB into the HMI and reboot the device while holding any hardware keys required for booting from USB, often detailed in the device manual.
  2. Direct Panel Reset:
    • For non-responsive screens, you may need to physically interact with the device. Refer to the manual for hardware reset buttons or procedures specific to your model.
    • This might involve holding down a combination of buttons during power-up to initiate a reset.

These methods should only be used if standard procedures via ProSave or TIA Portal do not resolve the issue. Always ensure that these steps are in compliance with your organization’s IT and security policies.

User Experiences and Case Studies

Incorporating insights from actual users can provide practical perspectives that enrich this guide:

  • Community Forums: Many Siemens users share their experiences on platforms like Siemens Industry Support forums. They discuss everything from routine resets to complex troubleshooting, providing a wealth of real-world knowledge.
  • Case Studies: Official Siemens case studies often highlight scenarios where a factory reset has resolved issues or improved HMI performance, offering a valuable learning resource for all users.


Here are some frequently asked questions about factory resetting Siemens HMI panels:

  • Q: How long does a factory reset take on a Siemens HMI?
    • A: Typically, a factory reset can take anywhere from a few minutes to about half an hour, depending on the model and the complexity of the setup.
  • Q: Will I lose all my configurations and data during a factory reset?
    • A: Yes, a factory reset will erase all stored data and configurations. It’s crucial to back up your data before proceeding.
  • Q: Can I restore configurations after a factory reset?
    • A: Yes, if you have previously backed up your configurations and data, you can restore them using ProSave or TIA Portal after the reset.
  • Q: What should I do if the factory reset fails?
    • A: Check your connections and ensure you are using the correct software version. If the problem persists, contact Siemens support or consult with a certified Siemens technician.


Understanding how to perform a factory reset on your Siemens HMI is crucial for maintaining the functionality and security of your devices. Whether you’re preparing for a new project or troubleshooting, the ability to reset your device ensures you can manage your HMI effectively. For more detailed guides, troubleshooting tips, and user support, please visit ControlNexus’s Siemens resource section.


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