How to Open and Restore Siemens HMI Backup Files Using Prosave

Key Takeaways

Importance of BackupsEnsures smooth operations and quick recovery in case of data loss.
Software NeededProsave application.
Connection TypesMPI/DP or Ethernet.
File FormatPSB (non-editable, used for restoration).
Backup ProcessStep-by-step guide on how to back up using Prosave.
Restore ProcessDetailed instructions on restoring backups.
Expert TipsNetwork configuration, transfer mode settings, and ensuring compatibility of HMI device types.
TroubleshootingSolutions for common issues during backup and restoration.
KeywordsSiemens HMI backup, Prosave, Ethernet connection, MPI/DP, PSB file format, HMI restore.


Siemens HMI systems are critical components in industrial automation, allowing for effective human-machine interaction. Ensuring regular backups of HMI data is vital for maintaining operational efficiency and quick recovery from data loss. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of opening and restoring Siemens HMI backup files using the Prosave application.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Open and Restore Siemens HMI Backup Files


Before you begin, ensure you have the following:

  • Prosave software: This is the essential tool for backing up and restoring Siemens HMI data.
  • Connection cables: Depending on your setup, you will need either MPI/DP or Ethernet cables.

Backing Up Siemens HMI Data

  1. Launch Prosave Application
    • Double-click the Prosave icon on your desktop to open the application.
  2. Select HMI Device Type
    • Choose the type of HMI device you are working with, such as the TP700 Comfort Panel.
  3. Choose Connection Type
    • Select either MPI/DP or Ethernet, based on your connection setup.
    • Enter the IP address or MPI/DP address of the HMI panel.
  4. Navigate to the Backup Tab
    • In the Backup tab, select the backup type as a complete backup.
    • Choose a recognizable file name and save the location for the backup file.
  5. Start Backup Process
    • Ensure the HMI is in transfer mode. This is usually done during the HMI reboot process.
    • Press the Start Backup button to initiate the backup process. Ensure all connections are secure and the HMI is correctly set to transfer mode.

Restoring Siemens HMI Data

  1. Open Prosave Application
    • Launch Prosave and select the same HMI device type used during the backup process.
  2. Choose Connection Type
    • Again, select either MPI/DP or Ethernet.
    • Enter the appropriate IP address or MPI/DP address.
  3. Navigate to Restore Tab
    • In the Restore tab, select the backup file you previously created.
  4. Initiate Restore Process
    • Ensure the HMI is in transfer mode and start the restore process by pressing the Start Restore button. Make sure all connections are intact.

Expert Tips and Common Troubleshooting

Network Configuration

  • Double-check IP settings: Ensure both the HMI and your PC have the correct IP settings.
  • Use unique IP addresses: Avoid IP conflicts by assigning unique IP addresses to your devices.

Transfer Mode

  • Proper transfer mode: Make sure the HMI is correctly set to transfer mode before starting the backup or restore process.


  • Matching HMI device types: Ensure that the HMI device types match during the backup and restore process to avoid compatibility issues.

Cabling Issues

  • Secure connections: Verify that all cables are securely connected and in good condition.


What is a PSB file?

A PSB file is a proprietary file format used by Siemens for backing up HMI project data. This format is specifically designed for use with Siemens HMI devices and the Prosave application. PSB files are non-editable and are intended solely for backup and restoration purposes.

Can I edit a PSB file?

No, PSB files cannot be edited. They are designed to be non-editable to ensure data integrity during backup and restoration processes. If you need to make changes to your HMI project, you will need to work with the original project files within the appropriate Siemens software, such as WinCC.

What to do if the backup fails?

If your backup fails, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check Connections: Ensure all cables are securely connected and that there are no physical damages.
  2. Verify Settings: Double-check the IP addresses and other network settings on both the HMI and your PC.
  3. Transfer Mode: Ensure the HMI is correctly set to transfer mode.
  4. Software Version: Make sure you are using the latest version of Prosave. Updates often include fixes for known issues.
  5. Error Messages: Pay attention to any error messages during the backup process, as these can provide specific clues about the issue.


Backing up and restoring Siemens HMI data using Prosave is a crucial task for maintaining the reliability and efficiency of industrial automation systems. By following the detailed steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your HMI data is securely backed up and easily restored when needed. Regular backups not only safeguard your data but also minimize downtime in case of system failures.

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