The Acquisition of ITE by Siemens: A Comprehensive Overview

Key Takeaways

Who acquired ITE?Siemens acquired ITE.
When did Siemens acquire ITE?Siemens acquired ITE in 1983.
What was ITE known for?ITE was known for its innovative circuit breakers and electrical components.
Why did Siemens acquire ITE?Siemens aimed to enhance its product portfolio and market position in electrical components.
What happened to ITE products?ITE products were integrated into Siemens’ product lineup.
What are some key ITE products?Key products include circuit breakers and switchgear.
Where to find replacement parts?Replacement parts can be found through Siemens and specialized resellers like Relectric.


The acquisition of ITE by Siemens marked a significant milestone in the electrical industry. This article provides a detailed look into the history of ITE, the reasons behind its acquisition by Siemens, and the impact this had on the market and consumers.

History of ITE

Early Beginnings

ITE, which stands for “Inverse Time Element,” was a pioneering company in the field of circuit breakers. Founded in the early 20th century, ITE made significant contributions to electrical engineering, including the introduction of hydraulic shock absorbers in circuit breakers. This innovation allowed for more reliable and safer electrical systems.

Major Milestones

ITE’s journey is marked by numerous milestones:

  • 1928: The company changed its name from Cutter Manufacturing to ITE due to the success of its innovative circuit breakers.
  • 1940s: ITE products were extensively used in both civil and military applications during World War II.
  • 1970s: ITE developed the first 5kV air magnetic circuit breakers, setting new industry standards.

Acquisition by Siemens

Timeline of Acquisition

In 1983, Siemens, a global leader in electrical engineering and electronics, acquired ITE. This acquisition was a strategic move to enhance Siemens’ product offerings and market position in the electrical components sector.

Reason for Acquisition

Siemens acquired ITE to integrate its innovative products and technologies into their own portfolio. This move allowed Siemens to offer a more comprehensive range of electrical components, meeting the diverse needs of their customers.

Impact on the Market

The acquisition of ITE by Siemens had a profound impact on the electrical industry:

  • Enhanced Product Portfolio: Siemens was able to expand its product lineup with ITE’s innovative circuit breakers and switchgear.
  • Increased Market Share: Siemens strengthened its market position and became a more formidable competitor in the electrical components industry.
  • Continued Innovation: The integration of ITE’s technologies spurred further innovations in Siemens’ product development.

Product Line Integration

ITE Products under Siemens

Post-acquisition, Siemens integrated ITE’s products into their own portfolio, continuing the legacy of quality and innovation. Key ITE products that Siemens maintained or improved include various models of circuit breakers and switchgear.

Key Products

Some of the key products from ITE that were incorporated into Siemens’ lineup are:

  • ITE Circuit Breakers: Known for their reliability and advanced features, these breakers were a valuable addition to Siemens’ offerings.
  • Switchgear: ITE’s switchgear products, known for their robustness and safety, were integrated and further developed by Siemens.

Technical Innovations and Contributions

Innovative Features

ITE introduced several innovative features that revolutionized the electrical industry. One such innovation was the hydraulic shock absorber in circuit breakers, which improved safety and reliability.

Technological Advancements

Siemens continued to build on ITE’s technological advancements, introducing new features and improving existing products. This commitment to innovation ensured that Siemens remained at the forefront of the electrical components industry.

Market and Consumer Impact

Customer Feedback

Feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Many have praised the reliability and performance of ITE products under the Siemens brand. This strong customer satisfaction has helped Siemens maintain a loyal customer base.

Case Studies

Several industries have benefited from the integration of ITE products into Siemens’ lineup. For example:

  • Manufacturing: Enhanced safety and efficiency in electrical systems.
  • Construction: Reliable power distribution solutions.

Expert Insights

Industry Expert Opinions

Industry experts have lauded the acquisition, noting that Siemens’ integration of ITE’s innovative technologies has set new standards in the industry.

Technical Advice

Experts recommend regular maintenance and using original Siemens parts for any replacements to ensure the continued reliability and safety of ITE products.

Replacement and Compatibility

Reconditioned and Compatible Breaker Options

Even years after the acquisition, ITE breakers are still in use across various industries. Siemens continues to offer replacement parts and compatible breakers, ensuring that these legacy systems remain operational. Companies like Relectric specialize in providing reconditioned ITE breakers and compatible options. This ensures that businesses can maintain their existing systems without needing complete overhauls.

How to Find Replacements

Finding the right replacement parts for ITE products involves knowing specific details about the existing equipment. Important information includes:

  • Serial Numbers: Older ITE products may have different serial number formats. Knowing these can help in identifying the correct replacement parts.
  • Model Numbers: Identifying the correct model number ensures compatibility and functionality.
  • Specifications: Detailed knowledge of the specifications like voltage, current ratings, and physical dimensions is crucial for finding the correct part.


Summary of Key Points

The acquisition of ITE by Siemens brought together two giants in the electrical industry, combining ITE’s innovative products with Siemens’ extensive resources and global reach. This synergy has resulted in enhanced product offerings, increased market share, and continued innovation in electrical components.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Siemens remains committed to advancing the legacy of ITE by continuing to innovate and improve upon its extensive product lineup. With a focus on quality and reliability, Siemens is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the electrical industry.

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